Brendan Murphy (The 4 Of Us)
Brendan Murphy (The 4 Of Us)
Brendan Murphy, as principal songwriter with The 4 Of Us, one of Ireland’s most popular bands, has been making music for over twenty years.

The band burst onto the Irish music scene when their debut album Songs for the Tempted went to No.1 in the Irish charts. They have released six albums since, all of which have been Top 20 hits in their homeland, where they have maintained a loyal fan base.

In 2008 their single Sunlight was voted No.4 in the Top Ten Irish Singles Of All Time by national radio station Today FM. In 2009 they were voted No.7 in the Top Irish Bands Ever category along with U2 and Thin Lizzy on Irish television’s TV3.

Walk With Me is the title of Brendan Murphy’s eagerly awaited debut album.

As Alan Corr of Ireland’s highest circulation magazine RTE Guide wrote, ‘Murphy is possessed of one of Irish music’s distinctive voices, a gorgeous timbre that expresses more wistful regret and yearning romantisism than most AOR crooners could work up in a lifetime.’

His songwriting deals in the fragility of life and love - and the thrill is not enough to stop us from giving up, but it’s hard acting tough, riding glass horses.

There are anti-war sentiments on the songs Wooden Box and Why Should I Be Lonely. There is the search for redemption in Salvation and the value of long lasting love in Walk With Me - Colours fade, things get worn, become more precious than they were before.

The sound of the album was perfected through twelve months of critically acclaimed live shows throughout Ireland and hinges on the unique and dynamic interplay of Brendan and brother Declan’s acoustic guitar playing.
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