Black Sorrows auf 2022 verschoben!

Liebe Veranstalter,

Leider erreicht uns die Nachricht, das die bereits verschobene und geplante Tour der Black Sorrows für September 21 ein weiteres Mal verschoben werden muss. Hier das Statement von Joe:

“Dear Juergen

We had been hoping for a miracle but unfortunately it has become increasingly obvious that international travel for The Black Sorrows will not possible for 2021. The COVID vaccine rollout has only just begun in Australia. This is promising but it could take months before we are all vaccinated and there is an OK to fly “vaccine passport” in place with international airlines. As the Australian Government keeps borders shut, there are limited flights in and out of Australia and mandatory quarantine is still in place. The government position is it will stay this way until the end of the year. Travel to New Zealand may be possible in the coming months but to the rest of the world is uncertain.

We can’t wait to get back to Germany but have decided to wait until it is safe to do so before making more plans. We will contact you again in September and assess the international travel situation with the view to 2022.

Stay safe Juergen and please send our apologies to the promoters concerned.

We will be back for sure.

All the best
Joe C”

Wir planen nun für den September 2022 und freuen uns auf Eure Terminvorschläge!

Mit der Bitte um Verständnis und besten Grüßen

Jürgen Stahl