Stacie Collins Tour 21 fällt aus!

Liebe Leute,

Leider fällt auch die Stacie Collins Tour den Corona – Folgen zum Opfer. Vorr wird sie im Herbst 22 nachgeholt. Das schreibt Stacie:

Hi friends,
Greetings from Cleveland, Ohio. I hope this message finds you well. I have tried to write this newsletter many times but my editor always says it’s too long so here is the short story...
A lot has changed since the last Newsletter. With a reality that touring is not going to be possible for SC/A3 until at least 2022, Al and I have decided that this is a good time to move back home to Cleveland, Ohio so we can be more involved with family and spend quality time with loved ones.
We can write songs anywhere so where we live doesn't matter that much. We will most definitely miss Nashville and all our friends there. It was a magical ride filled with wild dreams that came true. We’ll be back for a hang and a hug now and again I promise you.
I’ll keep ya posted on the music front but for now, we’re gonna take a little time to figure out the rest, enjoy life and dance in the realms of possibility.

Wir hoffen auf bessere Zeiten, lasst von Euch hören!

Beste Grüße
Jürgen Stahl